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salle and mcmull lan counties which are located right in the sweet spot of the eagle ford. last year they drilled 100% success. no dry holes. in other words, every time they drill, they're hitting oil here. swiss wells in eagle ford improve on all metrics. they announced three cent off beat, revenue rose 18% year over year. within eagle ford swift rose by over 10% and well costs declined by 10%. how many businesses with the cost of goods sold dropped, revenues rose. company has 340 million barrels of oil equivalent of net resource potential in the eagle ford shale. some of that represents natural gas liquids and they're not so good but it's still worth something. how much? when you factor in all the debt on swift energy's, and i'm going to say this, not so clean balance sheet, they have -- it is speculative friday, they have a $1.6 billion enterprise. when you compare that with swift's eagle ford resource potential you realize this stock is valued at $4.40 per barrel of oil they have in the ground. come o man. i mean, sure oil's down a lot in the last few weeks but give me a break. g
them. >> and how well known tech innovator eagle must help out the makers of the new enders game movie. they say no good deed goes unpunished. and some days it seems true. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right. to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >>> protesters are expected to rally outside the white house today as president obama meets with the iraqi prime minister. the visit is expected to highlight the u.s. iraqi relationship. earlier this week prime minister nury al maliki met with vice president joe biden. u.s. troops withdre
. there will be clouds with sunshine. temperatures will be in the upper 50's to low 60's as radar and eagles kickoff until 4:00 or 5:00. upstairs, high pressure is governing us and here is the storm system for saturday: 7:00 in the morning, notice all of the moisture stays just to the north and it bypasses us. the winds will kick up at 7:00 and overnight we have snow showers if you are headed that way. we will wake up on sunday morning cooler with high clouds and sun and temperatures are 10- to 15-degrees cooler by sunday. in tahoe, today is 63, 57 tomorrow. take a coat, because only 46 and breezy on sunday. at home, your seven-day outlook shows conservative with the temperatures because they could be cooler. they will feel cooler sunday and monday and a rebound on tuesday and wednesday and a chance of rain most likely friday and saturday but it could be thursday and friday. but we need the rain. >> another update on the shooting at lax. >> we will switch gears because we need to lighten up this day. it is friday. that means we have "purr-fect" pet. >> later on katie at 3:00, orlando bloom talks abo
. supervisor mar, i appreciate the data and i see that glen eagle in the past renovated 9 holes and a used temporary greens the rounds dropped 60 percent and why do i estimate 25 percent the round lost >> we're renovating 19 graz as opposed to 9. >> and the hemming towed infestation is that going on in the city. >> you know supervisor i can't answer that. does anyone know >> i'm guessing each of the individual courses the rec and park department are looking how to deal with infestation. >> it's our premier department it receives for attention than our other courses in the way that harding is not. >> the hemming towed infestation has not been identified at other courses. >> i appreciate the suggestions and this is really helpful in showing that the reducing of the fees is actually to increase the revenue for the bumpy four months. there's been a 9 hole i'm guessing that the 18th holeers are not going to move over to fleming >> thank you >> colleagues, any further qutions okay. mr. rose our report please. thank you. mr. chairman and members of the committee on page 278 at the bottom
is a coliseum. football is back. eagle necessary town to take on the raiders. we should see partly cloudy conditions, breezy with temperatures in the low 60s. let's take a look at that accuweather seven-day forecast. daylight saving ends tomorrow night. set those clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. sunday and monday, probably the coolest days in the forecast. a little bit of a bump tuesday and wednesday and a slight chance of rain possibly temperatures night. for now, it's going to remain dry. >> hi, mike. we've got one problem in milpedes. i'll goat to problem in just a one moment. as you take a look right now, making that drive in the westbound direction, 5 miles per hour along 205 just as you come up to 580. once you get into the pass, speed does pick up and you are going to see a pretty clear drive as you make it into livermore and pleasanton. we have a sig alert that will be around until approximately 6:00 this morning. between one and two lanes are blocked off right now. this is due to an earlier fatal accident in the construction zone. unfortunately one of
, american eagle, take off and a small private jet take off. we haven't seen any large jumbo jets you would get on the south side of the airport for american, delta and united taking off. and, in fact, all of the -- i have seen take off -- >> we've been having connection -- jane, if you can hear me, every time you look away from the camera is when we can't hear you. try looking our way when we come back to you next time around, as this situation continues to unfold right now. you know, understandably law enforcement officials do not want to give out too much information because there's an active investigation under way. >> the regional fbi director speaking at that press conference, he said, i'm hear to tell you, we don't believe there was any immediate threat. it's contained. it's a lone shooter but nothing else we can tell you at this time. i believe we have jane wells' shot back. we'll send it over to you, if we're able to hear you at this point. >> reporter: okay. i won't move. i'll stay static because of the technology we're using to try to get on live as soon as ssib only a few planes
of america possibly getting an eagle scout. former defense secretary to be its new leader. >> and blurred lines stevie wonder told him don't do it but the family of d.c.'s marvin gaye is still going to file suit against robin thicke. >> don't forget we are always on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the wusa9 app is obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and >>> howard is here. thank goodness after his little accident this morning. left a bump on his head poor baby but not mess up the rein. he's here to tell you about the forecast. >> i'm going to be checked out la
]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? >>> the raiders play host to the philadelphia eagles unday. a win would get them to the 500 mark for the season. kickoff at 1:05. meanwhile, it's a bye week for the 49ers, but when they return aldon smith could be on the field with the team. the team reactivated smith yesterday, meaning he is eligible to play. smith was deactivated last month after he was arrested for dui and then checked into a rehab on november 12th. he will face charges for that arrest and then also a weapons charge arrest stemming from a previous incident. >>> well, surf is up at half-moon bay. the famous mavericks big wave surf contest starts today. any time from now through march 31st organizers can call for the start of the competition. when word goes out, 24 of the sport's expert surfers have 24 hours to get to half-moon bay. known as one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world, the giant swells at mavericks are simply legendary. zimpl the sharks player known around the league for his cave man look, he is getting ready to shave all his hair off. all in the
the eagle subpenaed at the coliseum. billy lost 2 a row scoring 10 points. quarterback issue. the struggling 0finance i feel in despite a great rushing attack. second in the league. allen raiders head coach say 3 and 5 but still considers them kuwait dangerous. >> i look at the whole body of work not just the last couple weeks. this is an explosive offensive football team that can gain a a lot of yard and points on the board so we have to understand what we are dealing with. >> this is crazy time. bengals dolphins spectacular. somehow escaped here. buried sanders like. going the or way. has the block. cut it back. if 35 yards. ran 80 to score on a 35 yard play. tied at 17. go to over time. bengals on 8 yard line. dawson turned it over 4 times. crashed by cameron in the end zone. losing or game winning safety depending on your perspective. third time it happened in nfl history and dolphins win over cincinnati. first gamers. it's soccer. san jose earthquake versus seattle sounders august 2nd, 2 2014 before the niners start the present season. quake beyond exc
philadelphia eagles sunday, looks like nice weather for the game. temperatures in the 60s under partly cloudy skies. overnight lows into mid to upper 40s then, tomorrow, high temperatures under sunny skies. low to mid-60s on the coast. upper 60s around the bay. low 70s inland heefrment is the accu-weather forecast. set your clocks back before sunday we fall back on standard time. cooling down sunday, monday, cooling down tuesday, and wednesday. to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >>> frightening moments inside one of the floors of the caldecott tunnel today this, shows a tunnel hazy interior after a car c
of the season for the 49ers. >>> the raiders hosting the eagles sunday at the coliseum, phillies ten points, problems at quarterback. offensively struggling, despite the second best rushing attack in the league. dennis ellis said philly may be 3-5 but still quite dangerous. >> i look at the whole body of work, not just the last couple of weeks. i mean, this is a -- this is a -- an explosive offensive football team that can gain a lot of yards and put a lot of points on the board so we got to understand what we are dealing with. >> got to to guard desean jackson. >>> first game at the 49ers levi's stadium will not be football. soccer, a match between the earthquake and sounders, august 2, 2014 just prior to the start of the 49ers preseason schedule. the quakes beyond excited for the opportunity to kristen the new stadium in santa clara. >> we think is a great spring board into our new stadium which is going to open in 2015, a great way for people to experience in a world cup year a great competitive soccer match. the rivalry between seattle and the bay area a pretty big one. you see it with
. now they have a different challenge as they gear up to face the eagles' running back lesean mccoy on sunday. >> that running back is exceptional in space. and to try to give them no space is to challenge why you do this. that's what excites us is no matter what type of scheme it is, to be able to stop the run, keep the top on the coverage, and be able to swarm and make plays, and like we said, we're turning bad into good and now if you slow down this running game, you're turning good into great. >> you have to be able to attack the line of scrimmage and you got to get, as i always say, in the runs game, you got to get 11 hats around the ball and that will be critical again. because this guy is a good back and can make a guy miss in space. we have to try to limit the space. >>> how about the warriors? they rocked their season opener last night against the lakers. the 31-point victory. the biggest opening game blowout in franchise history. the clippers tonight in l.a. we'll have highlights of that tonight at 11:00. >>> all right. now the world series is over. it is official. the
, rich monday and fran. football, we've got the eagles taking on the raiders. should be nicer than last week. temperatures in the loaf low 60s. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. wa you're going to see the this area of high pressure is going to give away as we head into the weekend sxp when it does give away, we're going to have temperatures drop as far as about five to ten degrees by sunday and monday. the checker won't work. i'll wrap up right now. here's layla. >> mike is doing his best over here. >> batteries. i need batteries. >> we've had two sig alerts, one of which is only going to protect you if you are heading out to lake tahoe. as we take you into that area, eastbound side of 180. all lanes remain blocked with a 13 mile back updue to a three-car crash involve ago big rig. it was carrying fruits and vegetables. all eastbound lanes still remain blocked. no word yet as to when that's going to get picked up. now back into the bay area, northbound 680 at scott creek road. we have this sig alert in effect. 7 miles per hour is going to be to happen your top speed due to an ea
it off. >>> talking football. 5:53. now the raiders play host to the philadelphia eagles sunday. a win would get them to the .500 mark for the season. kickoff is 1:05. it's a bye week for the 49ers. but when they return to play all-star linebacker aldon smith could be on the field with them. the team reactivated smith yesterday meaning he is eligible to play. smith was deactivated after he was arrested for dui and checked into a rehab. on november 12 he will face charges for that arrest and also weapons charges stemming from a previous incident. >> 5:53. the window for the mavericks big wave contest opens today. any time through march 31 organizers can call for the start of the competition. when word goes out, 24 sports expert surfers have 24 hours to get to half moon bay. known as one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world the giant swells are legendary. >> the sharks player known around the league for his caveman look is getting ready to shave it all off for charity. take a look. today at noon, brent burns will allow a teammate to buzz off his hair and shave the beard. the fou
in time. they have an expectation that we use those tools. expectation eagle that we balance the use of those expectation that we balance the use of those tools in a predicated investigation for which we are allowed to use those tools to protect civil liberties and privacy. just because we have the authority by law to use certain techniques, we have a responsibility and a requirement to do so in a manner that is least intrusive whenever possible. even an interview is to intrusive. think you have been involved in wrongdoing because andave received information we can't corroborate aspects of it and we are authorized to open -- and we can corroborate aspects of it and we are authorized to open investigation, we can have a discussion with you at your work lace. the interview itself -- at your work place. the interview itself is less intrusive, but doing it at your an intrusion on your privacy. this causes people to have concerns they should not have. we take care to measure the technique used and the manner it might be used before we do it. oversight is provided by the as well as those i
. it was not a lot of money but it was enough to raise eagle above 50% of the poverty level. -- to raise people above 50% of the poverty level. in many states, they don't even list a poor family above 10% of the federal already level which is like $5,000 per year for a family of three. this issue of welfare was something that senator mike lee, republican from utah, brought up in a speech earlier this week. this was at the heritage foundation and as part of that notes that we need a new comprehensive antipoverty upward mobility agenda designed not simply to help people in poverty but to help and empower them to get out. he says that utah is home to an enormously successful private welfare system led by churches, businesses, immunity groups and volunteers. do you think that sort of system can be transplanted to a national level? guest: well, that's interesting. i am actually from utah. lds recognize that the church has a tremendous and well organized welfare system. i am not sure that you tuck can be a model for the rest of the country. the church there is big and has a lot of money and is really well
on the lord shall renew their strength. they shall mount up with wings like eagles. they shall run and not be weary. they shall walk and not faint. why do you think it's his favorite? >> it's a verse about giving things time to play out. we will not have all of our success right away. sometimes it takes a while for things to develop. we have to wait on god to move. that's a bid of wisdom not just for the president, but all of us. >> can you tell us about the office you are running and your job responsibilities. >> sure. i used to run the faith-based and neighborhood partnerships with the white house and faith-based organizations around the country to serve people in need and i did that for the president's first term and now transitioned to an organization called values partnerships where we help with the faith community to solve challenges in the world. >> george w. bush is a man of deep faith. did he have daily devotionals? >> i would guess he did, but i wonder, presidents can let us in so many different ways. i wonder if you wish that not just this president, but all presidents w
, with an annual capacity of about 50,000 eagles, we have invested an additional $6 billion over the years, expanded the facility to the point where annual production is over 300,000 bmws. today, the plant alone employs over 7000 people supporting the local economy to the tune of $8.8 billion per year, and proposed an additional 31,000 jobs through south carolina. from the supplies to our workers, to the local coffee shop, our manufacturing plant in spartanburg is a force that helps drive the economy in widening circles. now we come to the final letter of the acronym, problem. why we think it's a good platform. there's a few facts help you understand the scope of what we do. we produce all x. three, x. five and x. six sport utility vehicles. soon-to-be a new export production in 2012, 300,000 units big we expect to grow to over 350,000 units this year. and here i is the fact i think that may surprise you. 70% of these vehicles are shipped overseas. that's correct. 70% of these bmws are shipped to about 140 countries worldwide. we are the largest exporter of vehicles from the united states.
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)